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Mercimary Mercimary said:

I'm still having trouble working on the comic due to work and health issues, so updates will continue to be extremely sporadic. But I had a good day and seeing that a few folks were checking for updates on the reg was both surprising and hecka motivating. So thank you for that, it's brightened my mood immensely. Stay safe everybody :)

21st May 2020, 4:21 AM


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corneliusgoodfellar corneliusgoodfellar

fun concept...reminds me a little of ugly americans :D

21st May 2020, 5:25 AM


Mercimary Mercimary

Thanks! Ugly Americans is one of my old favorites. It (and a number of others) actually got me into the bizzare slice of life genre in the first place XD

21st May 2020, 4:00 PM

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